Toddler/Advanced Toddler

Dancing, Chatting and Training (on the potty!)

In order for your infant to move up to our toddler programs, he/she must be actively mobile, ready to assume more of a scheduled day (naps and eating), enjoy outside play and require less 1:1 assistance with regard to eating and sleeping. The move up to our toddler room will be gradual to insure a smooth transition.

Our toddlers experience a great deal more freedom with regard to exploration. They are able to amble about and begin to experience how independent they are becoming. The play areas are set up and changed frequently to insure a challenging and exciting environment. Our youngest toddlers are learning to wait their turns, use utensils, and to sit and focus for a small period of time to engage in a teacher directed craft. Songs and constant verbal attention are important in this stage as speech development is rapidly taking place.

toddlersDaily sheets are also sent home in these age groups to answer any questions that may arise about eating, sleeping and diapering. Once potty training has begun at home, we will work with you to keep a consistent pattern and schedule. Movement from the toddler room to the advanced toddler room is based on the child’s developmental gains as they relate to our toddler population. Typically, the advanced toddler is expected to have mastered independent feeding, able to sit for a short period of time, and able to express his/her needs verbally. Our toddler crafts and activities are reflective of the monthly themes outlined in the curriculum. Independence is stressed as well as sharing, cooperation and respect.

Toddler One Daily Schedule

Advanced Toddler Daily Schedule