Expressing, Sharing and Exploring

Our pre-kindergarten children are typically 4 prior to September 30th. These children are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work! Our priority in this classroom is to properly prepare these students for kindergarten but not forgetting to instill a love of learning along the way. Each child is pushed to his/her potential in a friendly, nurturing way that asks the child to challenge him/herself but not to overwhelm. Through language arts, math, science, music and technology we are able to provide an excellent blend of the necessary tools for kindergarten. From group time all the way to class dismissal children are learning at their own pace. The size of our play yard provides ample opportunity to release some energy in a safe environment.  Hands on learning can also be found outside of the classroom in our beautiful pre-k garden. Children learn how to grow their own plants from seed and what it takes to cultivate a garden. They also learn about composting and recycling.  In Pre-k we follow the Get Set for School Curriculum which was created by Learning without Tears and have found great success in this program. We believe in play-based, hands on, multisensory learning and this program provides that.

“Get Set for School is a flexible, play-based curriculum that offers a full pre-writing program and materials that build critical skills like early math and literacy. It includes three programs designed to prepare children for school: Readiness & Writing, Language & Literacy, and Numbers & Math.” -LWT

*Progress reports will be sent home in January and Report cards in June. A portfolio will also be given at the end of the school year.



Pre-K Daily Schedule