Nov 16

Never underestimate the benefit of a ride in the car.

The power of a car ride with your children. I see so many cars go streaming by with movies playing and kids sitting in the back wearing head phones. In an age of email and text messaging we need to find ways to preserve conversation and look out the window! Talking about the places you pass and streets you’re traveling will help develop your child’s sense of direction and help him to gain a better idea of where he is at any given time. Another bonus, pointing out familiar signs helps develop early reading skills. Older children- the amount of information you can pull from your teen is greatly increased when you are focused on the road.  Teens have a greater tendency to confide in you when you are not demanding eye contact. It may even be easier for you, the parent, to bring up difficult topics! Have your child put down the video game and appreciate where he/she is going (physically and emotionally)!